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Bridgestone MotoGP tyre colour markings for 2015 revealed!

19 Mar 2015, Posted by in MotoGP, Motor Sport, Motorcycles

Following a successful debut of a new MotoGP™ slick tyre marking system in 2014, Bridgestone has introduced new colours to its tyre line-up in 2015 to reflect new tyre developments being made available to riders this year.

HPS Jardine devised the MotoGP tyre colour marking scheme for one of it’s major clients, Bridgestone, for the 2014 season and after new tyre options were created for the 2015 season, suggested revisions to improve the marking system for the upcoming season.

Alongside the four coloured markings used last year; green (extra-soft), white (soft), black (medium) and red (hard), two new slick tyre colours are added to this year’s classification scheme. A new extra-hard compound rear slick will make its debut at the Argentina round of the championship due to the severe nature of the Termas de Rio Hondo circuit, and this new development will be distinguished by a yellow stripe. Bridgestone has continued development of its asymmetric front slick that was introduced in the closing stages of the 2014 season, and this year will offer this option at more circuits in various compound combinations. As only a maximum of one type of asymmetric front slick will be offered at a given round, these will be marked with a light blue stripe to help distinguish this option against the symmetric front slicks on offer.

The complete list of coloured slick tyre markings for the 2015 MotoGP season is:


  • Extra-soft compound: Green
  • Soft compound: White
  • Medium compound: Black (no stripe)
  • Hard compound: Red
Same as 2014
  • Extra-hard compound (rear only): Yellow
  • Asymmetric front slick: Light blue
Additional colours for 2015

As per last season, in 2015 two options of wet tyre will be offered at each round, and will adopt a marking system where the plain, black tyre denotes the harder option, and a white stripe will mark the softer option.