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A step-by-step guide to securing a Brand Ambassador

20 May 2015, Posted by Glen Gibson in Events, General

HPS_icon_30HPS Jardine recently ran a #HPSMasterclass on the subject of working with Brand Ambassadors. Joining us was a lawyer from sports and entertainment specialist law firm Harbottle & Lewis to give a legal perspective. England Rugby international Dylan Hartley shared his experience of working with brands, and we had a video contribution from Olympic gold medallist turned TV presenter Amy Williams. The excellent turnout and lively discussion were testament to the fact that celebrity Brand Ambassadors is a hot topic at the moment for many companies trying to achieve a variety of objectives.

The Brand Ambassador status is no longer reserved for a few worldwide superstars such as Tiger Woods, George Clooney and Beyoncé. The ever growing world of social media and developments in other forms of communications has led to a boom in celebrity culture. ‘Personalities’ have become household names in almost all professional industries including TV, sport, film, and fashion. The result of this expansion in iconic figureheads has enabled more brands, not just the ones with vast sums of money, to capitalise through partnerships with these individuals and teams.

There are numerous reasons why these partnerships are so effective for the personality and for the brand. For HPS_icon_69the celebrity they can receive an income, an association with a reputable brand, an increase in awareness from the employees and the larger network attached to the company, and if associated with a charity then the acknowledgement from the public that they are using their fame to give back. The brand benefits from an association with a credible and respected figurehead, an increase in awareness from a different audience, a creative way to engage with the media, and a ‘face’ of the brand that allows them to form a more intimate relationship with their consumers.

That’s all well and good but how does a brand go about securing an ambassador in the first place?

BRAND-AMBASSADOR-GUIDE-VISUALFor those who weren’t with us for the masterclass, we’ve put together A step-by-step guide to securing a Brand Ambassador’ that will help to answer this very question, whilst providing a little bit more information on what a Brand Ambassador is and a brief history on this subject matter. Click the button below to download your free copy.